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Check back regularly as we are adding books and pamphlets! 

Looking for something from the 1600s you don’t see?
Let us know, we may be able to find it! 

Currently our inventory is focused on materials of the time and setting of the cultural upheaval and exchanges in British North America in the late 16th and early 17th century, expanding into the late 17th century. 

Some notes from the binder before you order…

Please note that this is not my full time profession, and I ask your patience with delays in communication. I try to respond to all communications within 48 business hours. 

Books involve 20-30 hours of labor, and can take six weeks or more to complete if we don’t have any inventory.

Each set of images for book pages required  cleaning and formatting of scans which can take dozens of hours to complete.

Each book is printed, folded and raise rope bound by hand, with sewn end bands, decorative end papers and blind tooling on leather. 

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Pamphlets take significantly less time, and can usually be shipped the same week. 

Payments and Shipping
I accept PayPal and Venmo (sorry no checks), and will send you an invoice once I receive your order. Free shipping on all orders over $50.

No items are shipped without receipt of payment; to treat everyone equally no exceptions will be made.

These are all handmade works of art, and I try to send pictures before before shipping.

I do not accept returns, but I stand by my work; please let me know if you are unsatisfied or have any issues.  

Books available to order:

$345 The Book of Common Prayer, 1604. 260p.

$495 The Book of Common Prayer, Printed with Psalms, 1669. 624p.

$245 Lawes Divine, Morall and Martial, 1612. (book, $20 pamphlet)

 $345 The Exercise of Arms, 1607 Jacob de Gheyn. English. 272p.

Pamphlets available to order


A True Discourse of the Present Estate of Virginia and the Success of the Affaires There till the 18 June, 1614. 80 p. [Virtual Jamestown Text]

 Good News From Virginia, 1613. Alexander Whitaker, William Crashaw. 72 p. [Virtual Jamestown Text]

Letter, from Alexander Whitaker to William Crashaw
, Aug. 9, 1611. 8 p. 

A Sermon Preached in London before the Right Honorable the Lord Lavvarre
, 1609. William Crashaw 96p. [Read Text, University of Michigan]

Laws Divine, Morall and Martial
, 1612. 134 p. [Summary, Encyclopedia Virginia]

A Declaration of the State of VIRGINIA… and A Treatise Annexed of a Northwest Passage…
1622. [After the 1622 Massacre…] 64 p. [Summary, Encyclopedia Virginia]

The Lost Flocke Triumphant.
1610. 12 p. [Summary, Encyclopedia Virginia]

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