Starting a business…

In the vain of so many makers and crafts-people, I’ve been working hard to start my business.

Bookbinding is not one trade, it is many. It is paper art, sewing, leather working, wood working, painting, gilding and exercising lots of patience in between. I’ve been building… building presses, building sewing frames, building tables, and making books.

The books I’ve been making have mostly been to order, and all the money thus far has gone to buying more tools and supplies… leather, a paper cutter, wood, book board, paper, thread and other things.

I’ve got many books, pamphlets, bibles, and Christian texts I’d very much like to print, and have been working on finding and cleaning up images.

All of this has been building for two years now, and I’m very excited as I’m finally at a place where I can truly start to make authentically accurate books for outright sale.

I look forward to letting everyone know when that happens. I’m going to make a round of wood pulp paper leather covered journals so that I can buy supplies to make a book that will represent a finished facsimile of a 17th or 18th century book.

Linen chord, cotton laid paper, 1/2 oz. leather, hand made wheat paste.

All I need now is my own Gutenberg press.



Starting a business…
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